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So you’re looking to learn more about marketing on Pinterest, are ya? Well, it must be your lucky day because you’ve just hit the jackpot. On this blog, you’ll find a h*ck ton of helpful resources from Pinterest case studies to advice for creating a Pinterest strategy for your e-commerce biz—there’s all of the info you could want to get your Pinterest set up and your funnels funneling.

Have fun reading, lovey.

Nacho average Pinterest Expert


And I believe that businesses should support lifestyles, martinis are better with pickle juice, and trash reality TV is best when paired with a pint of ice cream (specifically, Trader Joe’s chocolate ice cream with gummy bears and a crumbled chocolate wafer bar on top). What I don’t believe in? Gatekeeping

Which is why on this blog you’ll find actually useful info that teaches you up-to-date practices (instead of outdated advice that tells you to blog 2x a week and pin 10+ times a day) so you know what the h*ck it takes to make a buck on Pinterest. 

Because whether you’re DIYing it or hiring me to manage your Pinterest for you, you deserve an account that’s making you money on repeat so you can continue growing your biz, go on more weekend getaways, and treat yourself to more random days off where you get to lay on the beach with a drink in hand instead of working.