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Tools for Pinterest Managers I Can’t Live Without

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Everyone does business a little differently and some resources are better than others depending on your industry, but these are the tools for Pinterest managers that have quite literally changed my life.

I’ve divided them up by categories: Pinterest, brain, marketing, business management, client experience, and brands I love.

Heads up, some of these recommendations are my affiliate links. I assure you that I only affiliate myself with brands I personally use and recommend and this blog post will stay updated!

Pinterest tools:


I compiled everything I learned about Pinterest and funnels from books, blogs, courses, and podcasts into one convenient resource, my course, Power of Pinterest. Now, you don’t have to work 1:1 with me to access all my knowledge because I’m sharing it all in this course!

Wanna try a “tini” taste of POP to check it out? Watch the first lesson for free here


When it comes to scheduling pins, Tailwind is by far the best scheduler out there. Not only is it an approved partner of Pinterest, the scheduling features are the best out there. Skip Canva, Later, and whatever other third party schedulers are out there. Tailwind is the best for bulk pin scheduling!

Pin Inspector

If you offer Pinterest services, Pin Inspector might become your new keyword research bestie. It’s a software that automatically gathers keywords with their search volume, cost-per-click, and competition data! I personally use this software for about 70% of my keyword research process. 

If you don’t offer Pinterest services and you’re just performing keyword research for yourself, I recommend saving your dollars and performing the research manually. This software is best for people who do this stuff regularly.

Pinterest academy

Want to learn Pinterest ads? There’s truly no better place than Pinterest’s very own Pinterest Academy

Brain stuff:

This app uses scientifically created music to help you focus better and holy crap does it work wonders! I personally go back and forth between their “Deep Work” mode (for long, boring tasks) and “Creative” mode (for content creation and design) and I turned the intensity all the way up. When I tell you some of my absolute BEST work has come from when I’ve used, I mean it. I’m always so shocked at the quality I produce when using the app!

Get your first month of for just $1!

Pomodoro timer

If you haven’t heard of the pomodoro technique, it is basically a time-blocking method that helps you get work done without getting distracted. I set my timer for 25 minutes and put my phone in DND, then I work without distraction for that chunk of time. Once the buzzer goes off, I get a 5 minute break where I check my phone, grab a snack, or read a few pages of my book. After 4 chunks those work/break cycles, I get a longer break! You can adjust your time chunks to whatever you prefer, some people like shorter bursts and some people like longer ones! 

When I pair my pomodoro timer with, I am efficiently unstoppable. It’s life-changing.

This is the pomodoro app I use and love!


I love using Headspace for short meditation breaks throughout my day, but I also love their sleep meditations too. They knock me out so dang fast, especially when I’m having a hard time shutting my brain off for the night.

Get 30 days of Headspace for free!

Marketing tools for Pinterest managers:


I use and love Flodesk for my email marketing. It is easy to use, makes beautiful forms and emails, and the workflows are super simple to set up! Before I invested in Thrivecart for my product sales, I used Flodesk Checkout and loved it!

Get 50% off your first year of Flodesk with this link!


I’ve fallen in love with Thrivecart. While I do love it for hosting my products and some of my freebies, the course creator ALONE makes it worth every single penny. Why the h*ck would you pay hundreds every year for Podia or Teachable when you could pay literally one time for Thrivecart and host as many products and courses as you want for the rest of your life?? 

Pay once, get Thrivecart for a lifetime (the most valuable deal EVER).

Business management:


I mostly just use Notion for my client portals. It gives my clients the cutest, cleanest place to land during onboarding, allowing them to work through their onboarding checklist, import files, and track their project status.

But I also love it for my content creation process, taking random notes, and podcast management!


She’s a beast of a CRM but she’s changed my life (thanks to the help of Fran). I switched from Honeybook to Dubsado back in 2022 and I could never go back. My automations and workflows are so detailed and precise. It upgraded my client experience by 100.

Get your first month or year of Dubsado 20% off!

Client experience resources:

Fran’s CX services

If you want to provide a top notch experience for your clients and yourself, you need Fran’s magic. Book an audit with her and she’ll help you (pulling this quote directly from her services page):

“…walk away with an understanding of how your current client experience is perceived (the wows & the woes) and a plan for how to improve in the future – all with your unique lifestyle and target audience  in mind.  

This is a one-time commitment, meaning you can take the findings & jump into revamping on your own. Or you can ask for a custom proposal to keep working together through strategy & implementation…”

It’s just as dreamy as it sounds!

Fran’s feedback form freebie

Want to gather feedback that will actually help you improve your offers while also getting killer testimonials? You need this freebie from Fran!

Dubsado form templates

Can you tell I’m one of Fran’s biggest fans? It’s not just because she’s my biz bestie and fellow Unfiltered podcast host, it’s because she’s helped changed my business from the inside out in the best way possible.

Fran’s Dubsado form templates are STUNNING and quite frankly, the best option on the market (check out Fran’s blog post that breaks down the pros and cons of all the different Dubsado form template options).

You get 5 templates in this bundle: proposal, questionnaire, contract, and two different lead capture forms which can each be duplicated as many times as you want. And the best part? They get added to your dubsado with one click. No Canva, HTML code snippets, or third party platforms required. BRILLIANT.

Happy Hygge Gifts

Over the past 3+ years of sending client gifts, I’ve tried many different options. I’ve tried building my own boxes (easily spent $100+ and was kicked out of the post office because I didn’t know it was illegal in KY to ship champagne – RIP to those 2 clients’ mimosa boxes). I’ve tried sending virtual giftcards (not as personal as I wanted). And I’ve tried just about every big name giftbox company out there (cheap, not usable gifts that still manage to cost $70+).

Then I found Happy Hygge Gifts! Actually cute, quality, and super personal gift boxes that don’t cost a kidney. I’m almost scared to share this shop bc I don’t want y’all to sell them out but they deserve your business, your clients deserve these gifts, and you deserve to know about them.


Screw Slack, Voxer, and email. You need Geneva. It’s like all of those combined into one user friendly, aesthetically pleasing space. And it’s free. Need I say more?

Brands that have helped me get where I am today:

Copy With Spice

Excuse me while I brag about another one of my best friends. There’s a good handful of wildly talented copywriters out there, but Alethea has a unique edge that sets her apart from the rest. She’s undeniably good at what she does, but she’s also one of the coolest people ever. 

If you want funky copy that pushes you to take up space (like you freaking deserve to), while also sparkling with your brand’s personality, hire Alethea. 

If you aren’t in the market for new copy but you still wanna get in her circle, you should follow her on IG, subscribe to her hilarious newsletter, The Inside Scoop, and devour her value-packed blog.

The Passions Collective

I’ve already gushed over my other bestie above, Fran, but here’s a little more about her! She’s easily the most knowledgeable girl when it comes to client experience. There’s a lot of hot garbage out there on this topic, but Fran is doing an amazing job canceling out the noise and setting the record straight. 

I highly recommend all her products/resources/services but I also think you should follow her on IG for some juicy content, subscribe to her newsletter (scroll to the bottom of her home page to subscribe), and checking out her blog.

Juno Creative Studio

I wanted a branding studio that would help me build my brand strategy before we ever conceptualized my visuals, so hiring Juno Creative Studio was a nobrainer for me. I went through their Brand Infrastructure program to nail down my strategy before investing in their Brand Rehab program to develop my brand visuals.

I couldn’t be happier with my brand as a whole. Every business decision I make is rooted in my mission, vision, and values and I feel confident about each decision carrying me closer to my overall goals. 

Not to mention my visuals… I could have NEVER dreamed them up without starting first with my brand strategy. They are so aligned with my strategy, it’s truly a work of art.

Concluding notes

I hope you found this list of my recommended tools for Pinterest managers helpful! If you’re looking for recommendations on categories not listed here, reach out in my DMs! Maybe I missed something I should include in future updates of this post, but at the very least I can try to point you in the right direction.


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