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How to Make a Freebie People Actually Want – 8 Things You Need

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I’m BEGGING you, before you put all that energy and time into creating that freebie, read this post! Whether this is your first freebie or you’re onto your fifth, I promise this post will make your efforts so much more worth it. Let me show you how to make freebies people actually want!

The two biggest problems my clients run into are that people either aren’t downloading their freebies or they aren’t converting into sales after they do. Let’s address both these problems before we dive in:

First, it doesn’t speak to your ideal client. Second, it doesn’t bring them closer to a sale. Let me explain!

1. “Why Aren’t People Downloading My Freebie?”

There are a variety of possibilities here, but I typically see 3 main causes:

  1. There are a million and a half other versions of it out there
  2. It’s hardly being shared or talked about
  3. The right people don’t need it

Let’s chat about each of those causes for a quick second.

There are a million and a half other versions out there.

Take some time to research what else is already on Pinterest. Take that as an opportunity to take your freebie a level deeper. Ask yourself, can my experience, niche, or knowledge make something better? 


  • Putting a controversial twist on it
  • Directing it only to a very niche group of people
  • Getting more specific

It’s hardly being shared or talked about.

Of course no one’s downloading it if you never share it! Sprinkle that baby everywhere, in your emails, blogs, links page, guest blogs, podcast show notes, everywherrrrre.

The right people just don’t need it.

Is your freebie too basic? Are you teaching them stuff they already know? The key here is knowing what stage of awareness they’re in, which you can learn more about in this post.

Now let’s move onto the second biggest issue.

2. “My Freebies Never Convert Subscribers Into Sales”

As I said before, there are a variety of possible causes here but I’ll name the 3 most common ones I see:

  1. Your ideal customer isn’t even on the list
  2. The freebie itself doesn’t align with your end goal sale
  3. There’s no nurturing happening

Again, let’s chat about these for a quick sec.

Your ideal customer isn’t even on the list.

This one goes along with #3 of the last problem, it’s just not attracting the people who even need your end goal sale. If your freebie isn’t aligned with your end goal sale, you’ll fill your list with unqualified customers real fast.

The freebie doesn’t align with your end goal sale.

Your freebie should be giving a small taste of what your higher ticket offer provides. It should be solving a piece of their bigger problem, something I teach you how to do in my course, Power of Pinterest.

There’s no nurturing happening.

You deliver the freebie, but then what? Do you have a welcome sequence that introduces your brand, sprinkles more free value, and nurtures them closer to a sale? Do you regularly stay in touch with newsletters? Do you encourage your subscribers to come say hey on Instagram?

Did you see yourself in any of those problems? GOOD. I don’t want you to feel shame, beat yourself up, or feel discouraged here. We’ve done the work to uncover your missing pieces. Now let’s put it all together to build a freebie that people will go bonkers for!

8 Things to Do When Building Your Next Freebie:

  1. Identify your end goal sale (the thing you want your email subscribers to eventually buy).
  2. Identify the ideal customer for your end goal sale.
  3. Make a list of quick fixes and educational topics that help your customer work towards solving the main problem. Fix small pieces of the problem your end goal sale solves.
  4. Do your research, what else is already out there and how can you do it better?
  5. Gather Pinterest keywords around your end goal sale, mini solutions, your ideal customer, your industry, and your niche.
  6. Sprinkle that freebie everywhere.
  7. Write a bomb-*ss welcome sequence to attach to your freebie delivery.
  8. Promote your freebie all over Pinterest using those keywords you gathered.

Now you don’t just have a freebie people are going to go nuts for, you also have a freebie that seamlessly nurtures your subscribers into a high-ticket sale. You’ve established trust, positioned yourself as an authority on this solution, and built a connection that will hopefully keep you top of mind when they’re ready to buy your product.

I’ll teach you the steps behind that list above in my course, Power of Pinterest. Let me give you a sneak peek!

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